The Licentiateship                     The International Peak of Performance Qualifications 

Pre-requisites : candidates must have completed the Grade 7 Instrumental Exam and audition.   

Tuition covers but is not necessarily limited to ;

·         Music Business, all aspects
·         Music Teaching Pedagogy
·         Songwriting/Composition
·         Compliance and OHS
·         Brand and Marketing
·         Ensemble Development and The Recording Process
·         Instrumental Mastery, Theory to Grade 7                                                                                                    and Musicianship
.         Elements of Sound Production

Those candidates who wish to attain the title of TMA Master will be required to study for and pass the Grade 8 Theory examination as well as passing their Licentiate.
Minimum timeframe to complete - 3 Semesters. Maximum usually not more than 5.

Cost is per Semester. Please CLICK HERE for details.

This training, although vocational in nature, is not recognised by the Australian Government for Studylink, Newstart or Youth Allowance purposes. Training is conducted on one day per week during school terms with additional mentoring sessions to be scheduled as necessary for the individual student. This training will constitute all preparation necessary to undertake the Rockschool Level 4 Diploma and Level 6 Licentiate exams with the Australian Music Examinations Board. Please note that these fees will not include payment for Lev's 4/6 Diploma exams for which those costs are additional and as per the AMEB/Rockschool websites. TMA does not set these fees but will add a 5% exam venue facilitation fee as there is a cost to us to have access to it. 

Or you can just make an awesome band and touch the world!

   The 3 Components                       
  1. Performance - Live Show                                                      
  2. Promotional PortfolioCreate and submit a full portfolio of all the promotional material you'd need for a real live event.                       
  3. Q&A (Viva Voce. Explain, define and analyse your performance and promotional portfolio in a short Q&A with the examiner.

Note that the specific subjects for courses are dependent on minimum class numbers and the rollout is at the discretion of TMA.
TMA reserves the right to review on an annual basis and make amendments at any time in response to changes in external conditions as it deems necessary to ensure future sustainability. Should changes be made notice of at least one full term will be provided to all students.